About Tilt & Tweak


Tilt & Tweak are collaborators that combine talents to conceptualize, write, design, illustrate and even shoot (photos) to provide our clients with quality creative solutions. Sisters in business as well as in real life, we’ve been working together professionally for over two decades. Our primary services are website strategy and development, graphic design including branding and visual identity, copywriting and content creation, marketing materials, photography and custom illustration, custom video, and publication and annual report design.

Joni Millar


Experienced in creating graphics for corporate, non-profit and artistic applications

Often found behind some kind of screen

Easygoing, curious and frequently funny

Jillian Millar Drysdale


Copywriter, editor, and layout artist

Work history ranging from journalism to corporate communications

Armed with a sharp eye, a red pen and a way with words


Late middle english or possibly scandinavian origin

To lean, slope or slant; to joust; to incline or create an advantage for one party over another.


from middle english ‘twikken’

To twist or pull; improve (a mechanism or system) by making fine adjustments to it; a teasing remark or joke.

Not-so-secret identity 'spy' graphic represents branding and visual identity design services
Branding & Visual Identity
Connect the Dots graphic represents brochure, poster, display, social media and other marketing material design in Calgary
Marketing Materials
Weave a web graphic represents strategy and website creation
Website Development
Picture this graphic represents photography and illustration services
Photography & Illustration
Inside scoop graphic represents magazine, publication and annual report design.
Publication & Annual Report Design

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